Our story begins in 2010 in the garage of seasoned home brewer Levi Allen, where he was teaching his new friend Trevor Frazier to brew beer. Two craft beer enthusiasts with a particular taste for fresh, local, high quality beer.

After our family moved to our wives' hometown of Reedsport, a town that had never seen a brewery, we began brewing together regularly on the weekends. Although we missed having a local pub to go drink fresh beer, we soon filled the void by making our own while enjoying it in the company of our family in our own homes.

We found that as much time and effort as it took to brew and condition 10 gallon batches at a time, we looked forward to brew day almost as much as we enjoyed drinking the beer. We both found a growing passion to brew better beer together and wanted to take our hobby to the next level. So we decided we wanted to make this our career and create a new lifestyle for our family.

Building off of a name given to us by our father in law, along with the idea of building a brewery in a pub with a gigantic copper bar top, we found our direction was built around our family and developed into creating a place for our community to enjoy.

After several years of home brewing, research, networking, sensory development, and lots of late night talks with delicious beers, we found a suitable building in Old Town Reedsport, built a business plan that captured our vision and found investors.

After nearly another year of demolition, construction, and innovation with the help of our family in one of the most character rich buildings we've ever seen, our dreams finally came true and we opened the Defeat River Brewery & Public House in June of 2016.

Our pub is the result of countless hours of thoughtful planning mixed with a lot of luck, craftsmanship, and grit. Our beer is a glimpse into our combined personalities and taste preferences, and we won't tap anything in the pub that we wouldn't enjoy drinking ourselves.

We continue to operate the pub with the hope that people who arrive as strangers, after being treated with the same care we extend to our family, while enjoying our delicious beer, leave for wherever they call "home" knowing they've found a very special place.


Levi & Trevor


As a small family business we are committed to the support of other small local and family businesses. We believe in the consistent use of the most local ingredients possible to provide a local product for our patrons thereby creating the most uniquely "Oregon" experience for all who enjoy our beers.

Currently the majority of our malted barley used in our brewing process comes from a farm called Mecca Grade Estate in Madras, Oregon. This Estate Malthouse is both family owned and operated, and is unlike any other malting operation in the world. These 8th generation farmers grow, harvest, process, malt, and package all their own barley on their family land. 

Their use of a single varietal of barley known as "full pint", together with their fertile soil and Oregon mountain spring water, imparts a rich flavor distinct to the "terroir" of their land.

"Terroir" is a French term used to describe how flavor compounds develop differently in food crops based on their growing region and climate. This is a term that has previously been exclusive to the wine industry around the globe, and is now becoming relevant to the brewing world thanks to this next generation of malt pioneers at Mecca Grade.

These factors in combination with a proprietary malting/kilning process which is based off of a unique old-world malting method known as "floor malting", create a product that is completely unparalleled in the malting world. 

Their resource efficient "mechanical floor-malting" process accentuates the so-called terroir of their family farm, which is especially pronounced in their malted barley. This quality adds a unique and interesting complexity that is beyond compare in the craft brewing industry.

The brewers at Defeat River feel this not only sets our brand apart from other local breweries, but simply put, it makes every one of our beers more interesting and complex than they could be with traditional ingredients. At this time, Defeat River Brewery is one of only a small handful of breweries to use their products.

For more information on Mecca Grade Estate malt visit their website at: 


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