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The Bravest 
Pale Ale 
ABV: 5.51% 
IBU: 30

This Pilsner inspired Pale Ale was concocted using all Oregon Ingredients. Floor malted Pelton malt from family owned and farmed “Mecca Grade Estate” in Madras lends a unique and light malt character that is unparalleled in the craft malting industry. Crystal Hops from Crosby Hop Farm add a light and refreshing lemon hop flavor. Brewed using delicious Reedsport water and fermented with Ale Yeast cultured in the Portland Area, this beer is as Oregon as it gets. With a thick, creamy, white head and an earthy floral aroma, the Bravest offers a light-bodied ale with a slight lemon flavor that finishes crisp, clean, and dry. You’re welcome.

Tasting Notes: light, crisp, refreshing, lemon

1.21Jigahops! IPA
ABV: 6.9%
IBU: 72

Clocking in at 6.9% ABV, this IPA has the power to jumpstart your flux capacitor and send you back to the future. Brewed with Pilsner malts for a light and dry finishing body, this invention was hopped with Columbus, Centennial, and Belma in the boil. If our calculations are correct, after receiving a HEAVY dry hop addition of Columbus and Belma in the conditioning phase, you should expect vibrant tropical citrus, pineapple, mango, and stone fruit flavors. Might want to let someone else drive the Delorean home tonight.

Tasting Notes: Hop forward with tropical mango, citrus, pineapple, berry flavors, strong tropical citrus aroma

ABV: 7.39%
IBU: 67

This is THOR. Hammered with German specialty malts to deliver a dark storm of complexity, this Cascadian Dark Ale received a generous jolt of Simcoe hops in the boil as well as the conditioning period, that yields an electrifying piney hop aroma, with a slightly tongue coating aftertaste; one worthy of the god of thunder. Consider yourself thunderstruck.

Tasting notes: chocolate, caramel, slight coffee, resinous pine

Communion IRA
ABV: 6.56%
IBU: 56

Brewed with specialty grains of the sacred tradition, this India Red Ale has been blessed with a smooth caramel body and rich red color. The addition of a single hop variety in the boil as well as the conditioning period results in a citrus and slight grapefruit flavor giving way to a floral hop bouquet. AMEN BRETHEREN! 

Tasting notes: sweet caramel, citrus, grapefruit, aromatic, clean

Mandarina S.M.A.S.H
ABV: 5.06%

S.M.A.S.H. is an acronym that’s stands for single malt and single hop. While a “SMASH beer” is not an officially recognized beer style, it is becoming more popular in the Pacific NW because it affords brewers the opportunity to learn and experiment with new ingredients by keeping things simple. For this edition we chose Pelton Malt from Mecca Grade Estate in Madras, Oregon for the malt body. We then chose to complement Pelton with the use of a new hybrid hop from Germany called Mandarina Bavaria because of its obvious comparison to Mandarin oranges. Despite the use of a single malt, Pelton’s rich yet clean malt profile gives way to a juicy blast of Tangerine and Mandarin Orange, then leaves you with a crisp orange peel finish and a faint citrus aroma.

Tasting Notes: rich malt, juicy, tangerine, mandarin, crisp orange peel finish

BeachHead ISA
ABV: 4.46%
IBU: 42

We brewed this India Session Ale to have a light malt body that showcased hops and made for an easy drinking session. Using a new technique known as “hop bursting”, we added a very small amount of hops at the beginning of the boil, and then added an overwhelming amount in the whirlpool phase which resulted in a delightfully light, bright, and complex hop profile. Light in color with a crisp malt body and a dry finish, this is easily the most session-able beer we’ve ever made. Welcome to the Beach Head. More hops, less naps. Sunshine in a glass. 

Tasting Notes: light, bright, complex hop profile.

Enlightenment Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 32

Northwest born and bred, this beer is brewed with NW specialty grains and a generous serving of NW hops, making this beer a truly worthy NW pale. In it’s infancy, Enlightenment earned a first place homebrew title and has come of age in our 10 barrel brew house. A light bodied beer with a pineapple citrus hop aroma and rich flavor is sure to deliver a brewed awakening. 

Tasting Notes: orange, pineapple, pine, earthy wheat, floral

Early October
ABV: 4.2%
IBU: 52

This beautifully amber colored beer is the perfect introduction to the upcoming fall season. For this special brew we chose a single type of malted barley called “Vanora” from Mecca Grade Estate Malt in Madras, Oregon, which is meant to resemble a German malt commonly used in Oktoberfest style beers. We thought it would be fitting to also use a single hop grown in Germany, a VERY new hybrid hop named “Mandarina Bavaria”. Enjoy Vanora’s full and rich malt flavor as it gives way to a slight dry nuttiness, delightfully complimented by a pleasant mandarin finish. 

Tasting Notes: Sweet, rich, and complex nutty malt body, crisp mandarin finish.

The Oregon Express
ABV: 6.45%
IBU: 50

This mahogany beauty is an all Oregon beer that showcases the use of Central Oregon based Mecca Grade Estate's floor-malted barleys. Together their Lamonta, Vanora, and Metolius malts, lend notes of rich dried fruit, raisin, and some caramel with a slight nuttiness. The brewers felt the further addition of a small portion of Pelton malt hand smoked on Douglas Fir chips to the mash was appropriate to contribute a light resinous smoke in the finish. This beer will leave you craving a nice warming fire in the woods, accompanied by another pint.

Tasting notes: rich dried fruit, raisin, toasted caramel, slight nuttiness, fleeting smoky resin finish
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